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Where Powerhouse Women Come Together to do the
Deeply Courageous Work of

Join us:
November 6-8, 2022
in the beautiful town of Serenbe outside of Atlanta

Picture a place where ancient redwoods tower above, hiking trails extend for miles, and yoga, meditation, and massage are offered daily.

Now imagine what it would be like to be at this place connecting with hundreds of other female change agents who are working to make the world a better place.

See yourself having deep conversations with your peers about what matters most in business, laughing with new friends, and connecting and networking with the leading businesswomen from around the world at a world-class retreat center.

This is the World-Changing Women’s Summit.

For three days, leading women in conscious business will gather at 1440 Multiversity to connect with each other, learn from each other, and discover new ways of thinking about how to change the world. At the Summit you will:

  • Hear from and meet some of the most successful women in conscious business

  • Participate in workshops hosted by world-class facilitators and trainers

  • Find fellow female business leaders you can talk to about the issues you’re facing

  • Connect and network with some of the most accomplished business people in the space

  • Take time to celebrate and make invaluable connections

  • Have time for yoga, hiking, or simply relaxing at a beautiful wellness center

  • Enjoy freshly made, nutritious, daily meals


 *Deep discounts available for startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and on an as-needed basis. Inquire  with for more details.

Register Now

A carefully curated, by invitation retreat that brings together C-Level / senior executive women who are committed to leading and living with purpose.

Imagine coming together with other executive women, in the heart of nourishing retreat setting amongst a beautiful farm. Free from all distractions you take a moment to go within. Feeling safe as you get ready to be open, vulnerable and honest.


As you embark on a transformative experience with other heart-centered, executive women for two days of personal growth and community, all the while nurturing your spirit.


If you can imagine this, then you belong at the 2022 Women's Purpose Retreat.


You'll start off each day with yoga and meditation, followed by a nourishing organic breakfast made using sustainable, local ingredients. Then you'll come together with what is sure to become your life-long tribe to expand your self-awareness and personal growth. Through open conversation, classes and expansive workshops that elevate your personal and professional life.


At the end of each day, you'll commune under the stars, with your new soul-sisters. Sharing delicious food, wine and conversation.


Here's more of what you'll experience:


  • INSPIRATION: Inspirational speakers, motivating workshops and intimate conversations.

  • TRANSFORMATION: A personalized process of self-discovery and soul purpose expansion.

  • COMMUNITY: The opportunity to form deep relationships and lasting connections with your peer set.

  • SPIRITUAL WORK: A deeper understanding and toolset to navigate the spiritual journey of overcoming ego (voice of fear).

  • RESTORATION: An opportunity for self-care in a beautiful setting, through yoga, meditation and various retreat activities.

  • ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: You'll receive a complimentary coaching session, prior to the event, to ensure customization of the experience to your specific needs.

What to expect
Speakers & Attendees

What to Expect at the Retreat

An incredible two-day experience designed to elevate executive women through a transformative personal and professional development experience.

Prepare to Be Transformed.

The Women's Purpose Retreat attracts women from across the Country, in the highest of positions, who are committed to doing the courageous work of self-discovery. In a rare and intimate, peer-to-peer setting, they support one another through practicing vulnerability, focusing on their own healing and personal growth. 

You'll be exposed to inspirational speakers and expert coaches to who are there to help you better thrive in all you do. By taking this journey with other executive women in a casual, intimate setting, bonds and relationships are created that stand the test of time.

Topics covered at the retreat include: Soul purpose, wellbeing, mindfulness, owning your power, practicing surrender, and spiritual growth.

Sample of 2022 Attendees

Unlike other conferences and retreats, speakers are selected from the group of registered attendees. This keeps the experience intimate and personal, while allowing everyone to be the "teacher and student," they innately are.

Jessica is a keynote speaker, on-air host, author and coach with a single mission: To help people align with their soul's purpose. Her journey and teachings have captured the hearts and minds of many. As an example of relentless courage and perseverance in the face many challenges. Jessica shows us that anything we imagine for ourselves is truly possible.


Author & Spiritual Coach

Retreat Leader & Speaker

Laura Maness is the Global CEO of Grey Advertising. In her role as CEO, Laura is tasked with driving a culture of creativity and innovation, and breaking tradition for some of the most recognized companies. Laura has wokred with many prominent brands including TD Ameritrade, Liberty Mutual Insurance, IBM and Reckitt Benckiser.

laura maness headshot.jpeg

Global CEO of Grey Advertising

Speaker & Attendee

As Founder & CEO of Kindred Lane, Elaine's purpose is to spark healthy growth through people and organizations. As leaders and organizations evolve, they require new practices to best sustain growth, while keeping their purpose and values at the core. Elaine guides clients in purpose advisory, spark coaching and designing learning experiences so they are able to sustain healthy growth and positive impact in the world.

Elaine Dinos, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Founder, Kindred Lane

Speaker & Attendee

Fiercely loyal with a collaborative leadership style and a passion for travel & fashion, Sophie Merven is an award-winning PR professional with experience working across many industries both on the agency and client side. Born and bred in Canada, Sophie has lived in Australia and France before landing in the hot city of Atlanta. Sophie is the mom to a 6-year old boy and together they like to travel the world.

Sophie Merven, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Head of PR for Inspire Brands

Attendee & Past Speaker

As Dentsu's Chief Operating Officer, Andrea is a key member of the agency’s executive team, responsible for driving growth and efficiency across all capabilities and clients. She has earned a reputation in the industry for her ability to tackle complex challenges with an exceptionally high standard of integrity, and in close partnership with her teammates and clients. Andrea was part of WPP for nearly 20 years, having joined Y&R from its Colombian subsidiary in 2000 before moving to New York in 2002.

Andrea Terrassa, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Chief Operating Officer, Dentsu

Attendee & Past Speaker

Meredith Marsh Latham is a multi-tasking working woman, wife, and mother of two.  Raised in Mississippi and born in Maine, with a decade of living in New York, some years in Oxford, MS and Atlanta since, she has never met a stranger. Meredith is a Director at World50.

Meredith Marsh Latham - Women's Purpose Retreat Speaker & Attendee

Director, World50

Attendee & Past Speaker

Carrie is a proven leader with a demonstrated track record of driving step change in business model and results. She has a strong passion for the online space and an innate understanding of what it takes to drive success in the digital world. As such, she's enjoyed the excitement of leading a business through periods of explosive growth. Having learned from the rigor and discipline required to manage a business forced to consolidate.

Carrie Schonberg - Women's Purpose Retreat Advisor

CMO, Ashton Woods

Speaker & Attendee

After 28 years in service to the nonprofit sector, Ms. Bird works alongside the extraordinary team at Salesforce to support digital transformation for the nonprofit sector bringing change management, fundraising, volunteering, marketing, capital campaigning and major gifts to new heights in our new world - at scale. A nationally recognized leader in the nonprofit community, Ms. Bird has dedicated her life in service to philanthropy, with particular emphasis in capital campaigning and major gifts.

Sterrin Bird - Nonprofit executive, fund

Head of Fundraising at SalesForce

Attendee & Past Speaker

Trisha founded Significance, her purpose-driven consultancy and speakers bureau, and the Champions of Good campaign to unleash the potential of people and brands to be a force for good. Trisha is also a Co-Founder and the Americas Lead for Sideshift, the first “social opportunity network”. Sideshift brings together solutions, thought-leaders, and changemakers to inspire people from all walks of life to take action for something that resonates personally.

Trisha Stezzi, Founder of Significance

Founder, Significance & Co-Founder and Americas Lead for Sideshift


Described by her clients as warm, professional, insightful, authentic, empathetic, and honest, Barbara has been in the field of Leadership Development for over 20 years. Her commitment to growth is evident in how she engages in coaching, team development, and facilitation; she creates safe, non-judgmental spaces for personal and professional exploration, as well as shares hard truths with grace.


Chief Growth Officer, 

Leadership Growth Partners

Speaker & Attendee

Vicky has over 15 years of brand, digital & marketing experience for leading Fortune 500 brands across technology, sports, media & entertainment sectors. At IBM and The Weather Channel, Vicky was VP of Global Consumer and Brand Marketing, leading brand strategy and growing user acquisition and awareness of digital products into new global markets, resulting in the world’s most downloaded weather app.

Vicky Wilkens, CMO ON Partners

Chief Marketing Officer,

ON Partners


Ashley is the founder and executive director of Love Not Lost, a nonprofit on a mission to revolutionize the way we grieve. From losing her daughter to growing Love Not Lost, Ashley has a lot of experience in death and grief; something she never thought would be in her bio. Yet, she's learned how to process, heal, and grow through the pain and is sharing that information with others to help them do the same. Ashley's driving question is "How can I love people better?"

Ashley Jones is the founder and executive director of Love Not Lost

Founder & Executive Director,

Love Not Lost,

Attendee & Past Speaker

Terri has dedicated her career to Human Resources. Her journey has included stops in big box retail, technology, and most recently non-profit. On the side Terri also maintains an active HR consulting business focused on teams, leadership, retreats, and more. Clients appreciate Terri's candor, her commitment and care she brings to every interaction. Terri dedicates time to her local Kirkland Rotary Club and is the Board President of her condo homeowners association. 

Terri Ebert - Global HR Leader, HR Consultant,  Expert Facilitator, Leadership Coach

Global HR Leader, HR Consultant,

Expert Facilitator, Leadership Coach


Tatia Torrey is a consultant in Spencer Stuart’s Chicago office and a member of the firm’s global Consumer and Retail, Apparel & Luxury Goods Practices. Tatia has worked extensively advising senior executives at leading brands in the retail and consumer markets. She has a track record in talent recruitment, growing sales, transforming organizational culture and finding operational efficiencies.

Tatia Torrey, Leadership Consultant at Spencer Stuart

Leadership Consultant,

Spencer Stuart


Kori works with people-centered leaders through her company, Symbio Strategies. Symbio is on a mission to improve the connection between the head and the heart in the workplace. They help leaders integrate an Employee Experience System that includes the right questions, right scales, right timing, right follow-up to yield powerful employees with authentic engagement. Kori is a founding board member of Conscious Capitalism San Diego, currently serving her second year as Board President. She has been active in the global movement for over five years. 

Kori Joneson, Women's Purpose Retreat 2019 Attendee

Principal, Operations Director

Symbio Strategies 


Passionate about Fenton and those who experience our company, Kari leads organizational strategy, legal and overall employee experience in her role as Executive Vice President, Employee Lifestyle. A mom of two young boys, devoted friend, champion of personal and professional growth and active participant in all aspects of the Company, Kari inspires others to achieve results.

Kari Prevost, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Soul Wisdom Coach

Speaker & Attendee

Who is attendending?

Who is Attending?

The women that have been invited to attend are in senior executive / C-Suite roles and department heads at consumer and B2B companies or Founders / CEOs of startups. They are purpose-driven leaders who welcome a holistic approach to growth.

  • C-Level women and department heads from Fortune 500 brands, top 10 agencies and socially conscious startups

  • Departments include: Marketing, HR, Operations, Sales & Exec

  • Consciously minded female leaders who know as they expand personally, they do so professionally

  • Women who are committed to deepening their potential, through greater self-awareness and expansion

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 4.26.51 PM.png

Retreat Theme

With our 2022 retreat theme, "The Awakening Within You," we're exploring surrendering the notion that our worth comes from what we produce.


Instead, stepping into the realization that we no longer have anything to prove. We are each innately more than ENOUGH.


For women in elevated leadership roles, this often includes attaching self-worth and the value they put into the world with constantly doing and achieving. Living in endless cycles of toxic busyness. 


Instead, when you learn to love, honor and VALUE who you innately are, a level of unimaginable happiness is realized. The things you once gave your worry to become non-issues. You stop seeking and start allowing.


This SHIFT is at the heart of what it means to awaken to the TRUE YOU.


And it's at the very core of the soul purpose journey.

Are you ready?

How to Register + Cost

The Women's Purpose Retreat is an invitation-only event. If you are visiting this site and have yet to receive an invitation, please email: to be considered. Once invited, you will receive a password protected Eventbrite link, where you can purchase your ticket AND reserve a hotel room (for a discounted rate). Please do not attempt to reach out to the venue to book a ticket or room for this event.

The retreat ticket price is $2,600 + 3 nights luxurious accommodation in a single room at Serenbe Inn. Your ticket cost includes two full days of programming, delicious meals, snacks, beverages (including wine), plus various retreat activities. Your ticket also includes a coaching session with Jessica that's valued at $375! 


Net net, this is an incredible value for an intimate group of senior executive women and WHY we expect to COMPLETELY sell out this year. So book early to reserve your spot!

Further details about the retreat are included in the Eventbrite Invitation as well as in the FAQs below.

Why this, Why now?

  • It’s a transformational time for us

  • We want to align with our true soul purpose

  • We want to make the world better

  • We are at the forefront of leading change

  • We want to empower ourselves and other women

  • Supporting one another is key

“The change that will save the world is a personal one”

Meet Jessica
Founder & Retreat Lead

Jessica Joines is a former Global CMO turned bestselling author, spiritual coach and international speaker who helps women awaken to their true power and potential.


Through speakingcoaching, and a community platform — she empowers women to transform their lives by mastering their own spiritual journey. Jessica is here to help women rise above all forms of fear and limitation and transcend the ego. 

She has a unique ability to break down complex and esoteric spiritual principles into simple, step-by-step plans of action, resulting in "DIY soul-work" that is not only practical, but life-altering. 

A natural teacher and speaker, Jessica is never more herself or connected to her purpose, than when she is in front of an audience. She has keynoted and spoken at many conferences and corporate off-sites. Igniting and energizing audiences around purpose and possibility, it’s not uncommon to see a crowd of people gathered around Jessica after she speaks. As the energy and wisdom she brings forth always inspires audiences to want deeper guidance on how to navigate life’s challenges.

In January 2021, Jessica launched the Women's Purpose Community, an expansion of the incredibly successful Women's Purpose Retreat, which she launched in 2018. WPC is a community of executive women who crave a safe-space to do the deeply intimate work of self-discovery.

Jessica's bestselling book, Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons for Living Your Soul Purpose, topped charts on Amazon for months and has been applauded by authors and teachers alike. Jessica is also host of live-coaching podcast, Soul Purpose, on


In sum, Jessica is helping to bring an awakened-mindset to where it’s needed most, Corporate America. Jessica’s work has been celebrated in publications such as Forbes, Marie Claire, Thrive Global and MediaPost. She holds an M.S. in Communications from Cornell University.




This Year's Program

Below is the latest agenda!
All changes and updates will be reflected here.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book my ticket to attend the Women's Purpose Retreat?

This is an invitation-only event. If you'd like to be considered to attend, please email us at: Upon approval, you will receive a password protected Eventbrite link that you can use to purchase your ticket and learn about other important information related to the event.

Does the price of the ticket include accommodations?

The price of the retreat ticket is $2,600 + $995 for 3 nights lodging (Total = $3,595). Upon receiving the Eventbrite invitation, you will be able to reserve your ticket and accommodations. The price includes two full days of programming, yoga, coaching, retreat activities and all food and beverage. Your lodging cost is for a single hotel room (in room incidentals are not included in the price).

Where is the retreat located and how do I book my lodging?

This year's retreat is being held at Serenbe Inn just outside of Atlanta, GA. Accommodations can only be booked through the password-protected Eventbrite link; not directly with the venue. The discounted rate of $995 for 3 nights in a single room includes hotel fees and local taxes. After securing your reservation, you will receive information about your room assignment approximately 2-3 weeks before the event begins. To explore Serenbe Inn, visit: Please note, a credit card will be required upon check-in to the hotel for any incidentals. 

Can I book accommodations for less or more than 3 nights stay?

To attend the retreat, you must book accommodations for 3 night stay, per our contract with the venue. If you would like to stay longer than the 3-nights please book directly through the hotel website.

What are the travel dates and other key logistics?

Event dates are Nov. 6-9. You should plan to arrive to Serenbe on Sunday, November 6th, no later than 4pm. Departure is anytime the morning of November 9th. While it might be tempting to leave the night prior, you will miss the closing ceremony, which lasts until approximately 9pm. And out of respect for your fellow attendees, we ask that you commit to attending the entire experience.


How do I get to Serenbe?

You are responsible for arranging your own travel arrangements to Serenbe. For those who don't live in Georgia, you will be flying into the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. From there, Serenbe is approximately a 25-30 min taxi or car sharing service ride.


What are your Covid-19 policies?

We are asking attendees to submit proof of vaccination (with boosters up to date) 2 weeks prior to start of the conference. Additionally, each attendee is required to provide a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours before the start of the conference (in addition to being vaccinated). Depending upon national Covid rates at the time, daily rapid testing may also be conducted on site. Masking and safety measures will be determined as we get closer to the date; dependent upon nationwide Covid numbers.


What is your refund policy? How might Covid-19 impact this policy?

Please be sure you fully understand our refund policy before purchasing your ticket as we have a very limited refund policy. No refunds for any situation or circumstance whatsoever are available. Due to our contractual agreements with the venue and being a Solopreneur-led business, no full or partial refunds are offered for anyone, no matter the situation or circumstance, including unforeseen illness, family emergencies (including death) or unexpected travel disruptions. However, on a case-by-case basis, attendees may receive a 1:1 coaching package equal to the value of their retreat ticket price, if they are unable to attend the event. Finally, in the case that local or county laws or restrictions are put in place due to a Covid-19 outbreak, the event will be rescheduled. 

The price seems higher compared to other conferences. Why is this?

This is not a conference, but a highly intimate, carefully curated retreat experience. You are paying for intimacy. And while we try to keep the costs as low as possible, because attendance is limited, our options are also limited vs. traditional conferences, where larger sponsor packages offset attendee ticket costs. When considering the cost, take into account the impact such a significant personal transformation experience will have on your life.

I'd like to be a speaker at the event. How can I be considered?

Because this is a peer-to-peer experience, the women we invite to attend are the same women we invite to speak. Therefore, all retreat attendees are considered. And those who book their tickets early are at the top of the consideration set. Please feel free to email us to discuss speaker topics.


Why is spiritual growth relevant to Executive Women?

When you hear the phrase spiritual growth, what we're really referring to is an understanding of the "life lessons" or "personal growth challenges" that are inherent and unique to you. As we all have personal lessons that continue to show up for us in ALL aspect of our lives, and block us; until we understand them beyond the surface level.


What is the retreat attire?

Wear the clothes that represent the most authentic you. We recommend casual comfort and leaving ALL the business attire at home. Make sure to bring a variety of ensembles for both indoor and outdoor activities. Clothes for yoga and meditation as well as walking shoes are a necessity. Other than that, bring layers and a couple of options per day. We'll email attendees more details as we get closer to the event and when all programming has been finalized.  


How can I get my company to fund the cost?

The Women's Purpose Retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience for senior executive, C-Level women. In fact, there are very few opportunities for female executives to connect in a fashion that supports what they need to truly grow and evolve to the next level. While traditional conferences and networking have a purpose, they aren't always designed with the unique needs of women in mind. Therefore, supporting women in a time where equality still doesn't exist, in a way that allows them to hit new levels of growth, is something all companies can get behind. Just look at the testimonials from last year's retreat and you'll see, the power and impact of the Women's Purpose Retreat. Feel free to use this one-sheet to secure support and/or reach out to us for help positioning the cost to your company.

What are the opportunities available for corporate sponsors?

We have several opportunities for partner experiences. Feel free to check out this document to learn more or email us at


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“The Women's Purpose Retreat is a life-changing experience. I have been every single year; will continue to attend; and be a member of the WPC! Because as someone who has attended hundreds of events and conferences throughout my career and prides herself on being a high performance, wholehearted leader. I don't say this lightly, but WPR is truly a rare and unique opportunity where senior leaders can come together in an intimate setting to do deeply vulnerable personal growth work. The relationships I've built as part of this community have been transformative to both my personal and professional life.”

- Laura Maness, CEO, Havas New York

"I didn't know what to expect when first attending the Women's Purpose Retreat back in 2018. It was beyond anything I could have hoped for! Jessica's natural healing presence creates an environment where women are able to commune and share at levels I haven't experienced before. I have been every year since! And I am so grateful for the positive shifts this retreat and the Women's Purpose Community has created in both my professional and personal life.” 

- Wendy DaDalt, VP Sales, Diestel Turkey

"The Women's Purpose Retreat is amazing! Very well done and one of the best conferences I’ve attended. An incredible, highly curated, group of women; with great topics and content. Extremely beneficial both personally and professionally!"

- Lori Ann Franklin, COO, Rakuten

"When I was invited to the very first retreat in 2018, I was sitting at point zero of my journey. Blindly joining with a silent question: What is purpose? There are many reasons I have continued to come back time and time again, now as a Women's Purpose Community member as well. First, the exposure to amazing women has enabled me to walk alongside strong leaders in a similar place as me. Next, the guidance from Jessica is full of inspiration and always includes the truths you need to hear. Her practical advice and self-study tools have been life changing.The content, speakers and take-aways always leave me feeling energized and excited about dedicating myself to creating change in my life."

- Meredith Latham, Director, World 50

"I first attended the Women's Purpose Retreat in 2019. It was unlike anything I've ever been a part of; and continues to be! WPR and the community it's birthed has helped me become truly empowered and connected to my authentic self. Jessica has a gift of giving women permission to stop hiding who they are and honor what they want. If you are looking to transform in ways beyond what you can imagine – then this is a must-attend event for you."

- Kari Prevost, Former COO + Head of Employee Experience, H.G. Fenton

"Jessica curates a superb community of women in a beautiful venue and setting. With a unique ability to positively challenge one another through life-changing dialogue! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and feel honored I have been able to be a part of this Retreat two times now."

- Ruth Cochran, Principal, Korn Ferry

"I have had the honor of attending the Women's Purpose Retreat since its inception. It has been and continues to be one of the most profound experiences of my life. The friendships I've made have changed me and supported my non-profit in ways I couldn't fathom. The work I am able to do on myself and support others in their journeys is at the heart of all I believe in. I'm grateful for what this community of women has meant to my life."

- Ashley Jones, Founder of Love Not Lost & Tedx Speaker


November 6-8, 2022
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