The Women’s Purpose Retreat

November 3-6, 2019

Laguna Beach, CA

Where Powerhouse Women of Purpose Come Together.

Picture a place where ancient redwoods tower above, hiking trails extend for miles, and yoga, meditation, and massage are offered daily.

Now imagine what it would be like to be at this place connecting with hundreds of other female change agents who are working to make the world a better place.

See yourself having deep conversations with your peers about what matters most in business, laughing with new friends, and connecting and networking with the leading businesswomen from around the world at a world-class retreat center.

This is the World-Changing Women’s Summit.

For three days, leading women in conscious business will gather at 1440 Multiversity to connect with each other, learn from each other, and discover new ways of thinking about how to change the world. At the Summit you will:

  • Hear from and meet some of the most successful women in conscious business

  • Participate in workshops hosted by world-class facilitators and trainers

  • Find fellow female business leaders you can talk to about the issues you’re facing

  • Connect and network with some of the most accomplished business people in the space

  • Take time to celebrate and make invaluable connections

  • Have time for yoga, hiking, or simply relaxing at a beautiful wellness center

  • Enjoy freshly made, nutritious, daily meals


 *Deep discounts available for startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and on an as-needed basis. Inquire  with for more details.

A carefully curated, by invitation retreat that brings together C-Level / senior executive women who are committed to leading and living with purpose.

Imagine coming together with your female business peers in a beautiful retreat setting, in the heart of a canyon, next to the healing energy of the Pacific Ocean. As you listen to the quiet nestling of the trees flocked by an ocean relax. Finally free from any distractions or city noise you take a moment to go within. Sitting amongst your soul sisters, you get ready to be open, vulnerable and honest. Ready to embark on a transformative experience with likeminded women for two days of growth, learning and community, all the while nurturing your spirit. If you can imagine this, then you belong at the 2019 Women's Purpose Retreat.


You'll start off each day with yoga and meditation, followed by a nourishing organic breakfast made using sustainable, local ingredients. Then you'll come together with what is sure to become your life-long tribe to expand your personal growth and go deep on the spiritual lessons inherent in your leadership journey. You'll work on leading from a place of deeper self-awareness and purpose; aligned to your inner wisdom and power. For as you elevate your personal and professional growth, you are better able to empower your teams, company and the world.


At the end of each day, we'll commune under the stars, sharing delicious nourishing food, and honest, open conversation.


Here's what you'll experience:


  • INSPIRATION: Inspirational speakers, motivating workshops and intimate conversations.

  • TRANSFORMATION: A process of self-discovery and personal development to become a better leader.

  • PEER LEARNING: Sharing and learning with your peers, who are at the forefront of Purpose, female empowerment and change.

  • SPIRITUAL TOOLS: A set of tools to enhance your self-awareness and consciousness, including understanding the spiritual lessons inherent to your leadership journey.

  • COMMUNITY: The opportunity to form deep relationships and lasting connections with your peers.

  • ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: You'll receive a complimentary coaching session, prior to the event, to ensure customization of the experience to your specific needs.

  • RESTORATION: An opportunity for self-care in a beautiful setting, through yoga, meditation and various retreat activities.


What to Expect at the Retreat

An incredible two-day experience designed to elevate executive women through a transformative personal and professional development experience.

Prepare to Be Transformed.

The Women's Purpose Retreat attracts women from across the Country, in the highest of positions, who are committed to their personal growth. In a rare and intimate, peer-to-peer setting, they support one another through deep self discovery and exploration – an expansive personal and professional growth experience. They are pushed beyond their comfort level to enhance the expression of their purpose in the world and at their companies.

Inspirational speakers serve to motivate and inspire, while expert coaches help them expand their self-awareness and wellbeing to better thrive in all they do. By taking this journey with other like-minded women in a casual, intimate setting, bonds and relationships are created that stand the test of time.

Topics covered at the retreat include: female leadership and empowerment, spiritual and personal growth, wellbeing, mindfulness, and self-awareness coaching.

Unlike other conferences and retreats, speakers are selected from the group of registered attendees. This keeps the experience intimate and personal, while allowing everyone to be the "teacher and student," they innately are.


Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Retreat Leader & Keynote Speaker

SHERRI SALATA Headshot.jpeg

Author of 'The Beautiful No',

Co-founder of & Co-host The Sheri+Nancy Show podcast

Keynote Speaker

Elaine Dinos, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Founder, Kindred Lane

Speaker & Attendee

Laura Maness - Women's Purpose Retreat Speaker

CEO of Havas New York

Speaker & Attendee

Sophie Merven, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Head of Global Mainstream

& Upscale PR & Americas

Speaker & Attendee

Meredith Marsh Latham - Women's Purpose Retreat Speaker & Attendee

VP, Global Hotel Indigo

and Americas Upscale Hotels


Andrea Terrassa, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Chief Operating Officer, 360i


Carrie Schonberg - Women's Purpose Retreat Advisor

CMO, Ashton Woods


Jennifer Convery - Women's Purpose Retreat Speaker & Attendee

Group President N.A.,

Griffith Foods Inc.


Sterrin Bird - Nonprofit executive, fund

Nonprofit executive, fundraiser, leader, change agent and innovator

Speaker & Attendee

Marianne Hamilton, CMO Rakuten Kobo Inc.

CMO, Rakuten Kobo Inc.


Stephanie Nadi Olson, Founder of We Are Rosie

Founder, We Are Rosie

Speaker & Attendee


Chief Growth Officer, 

Leadership Growth Partners

Speaker & Attendee

Ashley Jones is the founder and executive director of Love Not Lost

Founder & Executive Director,

Love Not Lost,

Speaker & Attendee

Trisha Stezzi, Founder of Significance

Founder, Significance & Co-Founder and Americas Lead for Sideshift


Vicky Wilkens, CMO ON Partners

Chief Marketing Officer,

ON Partners


Tatia Torrey, Leadership Consultant at Spencer Stuart

Leadership Consultant,

Spencer Stuart

Speaker & Attendee

Blair Brady, CEO and Co-Founder at WITH Agecy

CEO & Co-Founder,

WITH Agency


Kerry Youker, Women's Retreat 2019 Attendee

VP People & Culture, Executive Coach, 

Board Chair Epilepsy Foundation

Speaker & Attendee

Terri Ebert - Global HR Leader, HR Consultant,  Expert Facilitator, Leadership Coach

Global HR Leader, HR Consultant,

Expert Facilitator, Leadership Coach


Kori Joneson, Women's Purpose Retreat 2019 Attendee

Principal, Operations Director

Symbio Strategies 


Lori McIntosh, Women's Purpos Retreat Attendee 2019

CEO, 5 Mile Run

Speaker & Attendee

Shannon Johnson, Women's Purpose Retreat 2019 - Attendeee

Group President, Financial Institutions


Speaker & Attendee

Rachael Stamps, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Superhero of quick turn social content at Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Abby Frimpong, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

CEO, Duuple


Christy Elliott, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Director, MiQ


Virginia Materese, Women's Purpose Retreat Attende 2019

CEO, Great Lakes Medical Imaging


Katherine Pickus, Women's Purpose Reteat Attendee 2019

Vice President of Global Sustainability,
Griffith Foods


Kari Prevost, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

EVP, Employee Lifestyle,

H.G. Fenton Company


Wendy DaDalt, Women's Purpose Retreat Attendee 2019

Vice President of Sales at Clover Sonoma Farms


Stay tuned for more 2019 speaker and
attendee announcements!

2019 Speakers & Attendees


Who is Attending?

The women that have been invited to attend are in C-Level positions or department heads at brands, agencies and socially conscious startups. They are purpose-driven leaders who understand that every leadership journey is inherently a spiritual one. They welcome a holistic approach to professional growth, that empowers them to be the visionaries they naturally are.

  • C-Level women and department heads from Fortune 500 brands, top 10 agencies and socially conscious startups

  • Departments include: Marketing, HR, Operations, Sales & Exec

  • Consciously minded female leaders who know as they expand personally, they do so professionally

  • Women who are committed to deepening their potential, through greater self-awareness and expansion

"Your Infinite Potential"

Retreat Lead,
Jessica Joines

Retreat Theme

Our retreat theme, "Your Infinite Potential," is about stepping into the highest, expanded possibility for your life. For the only thing limiting you, on any level, is the belief that you are limited. At this year's retreat, we smash that notion and claim our inherent truth and power, as female executives, leaders, visionaries, mothers, wives and sisters. We're going to expand our thinking and beliefs to remove the self-imposed restrictions that are keeping us blocked. Including transcending and rising above the fears, worries and doubts that only serve to keep us small. For as when we step into the knowing that we are truly limitless — do we transform ourselves and those around us. From those we lead to the companies we serve; to our families, friends and communities.

Why this, Why now?

  • It’s a transformational time for us

  • We all want to make the world better

  • Women are at the forefront of change

  • We are leading the charge through alignment to purpose

  • We want to empower ourselves and other women

  • Supporting one another is key

“The change that will save the world is a personal one”


Jessica Joines is a former Global CMO turned bestselling author, coach and inspirational speaker. She is best known for completely reinventing her life shortly after turning 40; when the one she had built was no longer serving her. She now helps women master the twelve spiritual lessons that have been so essential to her own journey, as featured in her book, Dare to Believe. Through this work, she empowers women to thrive in all they do, living and leading from their highest potential and truth.


Jessica's own career path and personal story have been marked by a long commitment to leading with purpose. While she excelled in her corporate marketing career over the last two decades — most recently as the Global CMO at Rakuten — she felt something was missing. So she bravely stepped into the unknown and changed, well…everything. Eventually finding fulfillment through an alignment with her soul purpose.


Now, as a spiritual coach for business leaders, Jessica helps her clients leverage consciousness and self-awareness to deepen their own leadership ability. Inherent to this, she teaches and leads workshops on how to not engage with fear as truth, but as our most profound teacher.


Jessica is a contributing author to Thrive Global. Her bestselling book, Dare to Believe: 12 Lessons for Living Your Soul Purpose, topped charts on Amazon for two months and has been applauded by authors and teachers alike. Jessica is excited to announce the launch of her new TV show, Soul Purpose Sessions, launching on the United Intentions network in August 2019. You can learn more about Jessica's work here.


2019 Retreat Agenda

Up to date retreat agenda and topics for the 2019 retreat. Check back for more info closer to the date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my ticket to attend the Women's Purpose Retreat?

This is an invitation-only event. If you'd like to be considered to attend, please email us at: Upon approval, you will receive a password protected Eventbrite link that you can use to purchase your ticket and learn about other important information related to the event.

Does the price of the ticket include accommodations?

The price of the retreat ticket is $3,285. While we try to keep the costs as low as possible, because attendance is limited to 40 women, our options are somewhat limited vs. traditional conferences. The price does includes two full days of programming, yoga, coaching, retreat activities and all food and beverage.

Where is the retreat located and how do I book accommodations?

This year's retreat is being held at the Ranch at Laguna Beach Hotel. Accommodations are to be booked directly with the event venue. Upon purchasing your event ticket, you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to secure your room at the Ranch at Laguna Beach for the discounted price of $270/night. 

What are the travel dates and other key logistics?

Event dates are Nov. 3-6. You should plan to arrive to the resort on Sunday, November 3rd, no later than 4pm. Departure is anytime the morning of November 6th. While it might be tempting to leave the night prior, you will miss the closing ceremony, which lasts until approximately 9pm. Out of respect for your fellow attendees, we suggest you plan to attend for the entire experience. There are four different airports you can fly into: 1) John Wayne Airport – Orange County 18 miles / 25 minutes, 2) Long Beach Airport 38 miles / 50 minutes, 3) Los Angeles International 52 miles / 90 minutes, and 4) San Diego International 65 miles / 75 minutes


Are tickets refundable?
Yes, all tickets are refundable up to 90 days prior to the event. Due to our contractual agreements with the venue, refund cut-off is August 6, 2019. After this, no refunds are possible in any case, including unforeseen circumstances and emergencies. 

I'd like to be a speaker at the event. How can I be considered?

Because this is a peer-to-peer experience, the women we invite to attend are the same women we invite to speak. Therefore, all retreat attendees are considered. And those who book their tickets early are at the top of the consideration set. Please feel free to email us to discuss speaker topics.


Why is Spiritual Growth Relevant to Leadership?

When you hear the phrase spiritual growth, what we're really referring to is an understanding of the "life lessons" or "personal growth challenges" that are inherent and unique to your leadership journey. This is a more expanded way to think about your growth than what a skills-based approach might reveal.  As we all have personal lessons that continue to show up for us in ALL aspect of our lives, and block us; until we understand them beyond the surface level.


What is the Retreat Attire?

Wear the clothes that represent the most authentic you. We recommend casual comfort and leaving all the business attire at home. Make sure to bring a variety of ensembles for both indoor and outdoor activities. Clothes for yoga and meditation as well as walking shoes are a necessity. Other than that, bring layers and a couple of options per day. We'll email attendees more details as we get closer to the event and when all programming has been finalized.  


How Can I Get My Company to Fund the Cost?

The Women's Purpose Retreat is a one-of-a-kind experience for C-Level women. In fact, there are very few opportunities for female executives to connect in a fashion that supports what they need to truly grow and evolve to the next level. While traditional conferences and networking have a purpose, they aren't always designed with the unique needs of women in mind. Therefore, supporting women in a time where equality still doesn't exist, in a way that allows them to hit new levels of growth, is something all companies can get behind. Just look at the testimonials from last year's retreat and you'll see, the power and impact of the Women's Purpose Retreat. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you can use our help with how to position your participation at the retreat.

The Ticket Price Seems High, Why Is This?

When you bring together a small group of women for a fantastic experience, that is't about "selling," but community-based growth; the cost is naturally higher than other, larger events, that are able to draw upon big sponsorship dollars. We've done our absolute best to minimize the ticket price in every possible way we can, including offering very customized, integrated sponsor experiences.


2019 Corporate Sponsor

Event Partners


“The Women's Purpose Retreat is a life-changing experience. As someone who has attended hundreds of events and conferences throughout my career and prides herself on being a high performance, wholehearted leader, I don't say this lightly. It's truly a rare and unique opportunity where C-Level women can come together in an intimate setting to do deeply vulnerable personal growth work. The relationships I've built as part of this experience have been transformative to both my personal and professional life.”

- Laura Maness, CEO, Havas New York

"I didn't know what to expect, when attending the Women's Purpose Retreat, but I can tell you it beyond exceeded anything I could have hoped for. Jessica's natural healing presence creates an environment where women are able to commune and share, at levels I haven't experienced before. I am grateful for the positive shifts this has created in both my professional and personal life.” 

- Wendy DaDalt, VP Marketing, Clover Sonoma Farms

The retreat was amazing, very well done, one of the best retreats I’ve attended. An incredible, highly curated, group of women, with great topics and content. Extremely beneficial both personally and professionally!

- Lori Ann Franklin, COO, Rakuten

The Women’s Purpose Retreat is an amazing group of engaged, professional women! The content, speakers and take-aways left me feeling energized and excited about dedicating myself to creating change in my life.

- Meredith Latham, SVP, IHG Hotels

I've both attended and presented at dozens of conferences throughout my career, and not one even comes close to the transformational experience of the Women's Purpose Retreat. The content, curriculum and caliber of the attendees were awe-inspiring, and while I was a 'teacher,' I quickly became a student. This experience transformed my own business and life and I am forever grateful for this experience. I cannot wait for the next one!

- Jen Wiley, Founder & CEO, Wet-Cement

Jessica is a master facilitator and connector. The group of women that she brought together was extraordinary and the level of conversation was unparalleled. It was an incredible gathering that I felt grateful to be a part of.


- Meghan French Dunbar, Founder & CEO, Conscious Company Magazine

Superb community of women - in a beautiful venue. Postiively challenging and life-changing dialogue! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and feel honored I was able to be a part.

- Ruth Cochran, Principal, Korn Ferry


The Women’s Purpose Retreat
November 3-6, 2019


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